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Our “Monday Crew” consists of Maxine Hansen, Mike & Kitty Temming, Sandy Aragon, Jo Ann Mejdrich, and Anne Piedimonte. They are a well-oiled machine, in that they fully staff our Monday service on their own and pull in subs as needed. Sandy is a 4-year volunteer from Pittsburgh, PA. She is a retired 10th grade English teacher, and has lived in Florida since 1973. Kitty and Mike are from Cincinnati, Ohio. They have been in Florida for 9 years and volunteering at SMDP for 8 and 7 years, respectively. Anne is an 8-year Florida resident from Tonawanda, NY. She has been volunteering at SMDP for 7 years, after being recruited by Kitty and Mike from St. John XXIII Parish. Maxine is from Orland Park, Illinois, and Jo Ann is from Tennessee. They have been volunteering at SMDP for eight years. Maxine would host a Christmas party at her house and ask for donations, clothes, coats, jackets, shoes and underwear. She is also responsible for our beautiful countertop and storage.